Sukiyaki specialty restaurant

The memory of the great writers of the Meiji era (1868-1912) remain here and there̶ Created in the Hongou Yushima area in 1872. Please indulge yourself with this famous sukiyaki that has been cherished by the great for so many years.

Restaurant name ECHIKATSU

There is a long-established area that gather in the vicinity of the University of Tokyo and Yushima Tenjin. Great writers of our Meiji era came in between writing "Echikatsu" has kept the taste of tradition more than 140 years from its establishment. Edo-style Japanese-style room, is I can eat sukiyaki of the finest Japanese beef. Also in the vicinity of the "Echikatsu" is, "Yushima Tenjin" and "Kyu-Iwasaki-teien", there are many attractions such as the "Taikan Memorial Yokoyama". Stroll, or after the visit does not eat rice at Yushima? Please relish the sukiyaki veteran that has been loved by the great writers us.

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