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Has become a national brand cow of the original in Okinawa specialty sales YONAR'S Please enjoy the Ishigaki-gyu.

Brand cattle that exist across the country. In fact, many purchases from Ishigaki to the time of the calf, and I are grown are sold as luxury beef put the name of the country. It 's the effect of Ishigaki beef is its origin ... You can imagine.

In addition, between January 23, 2016 (Sat) - February 7 (Sun), the 9th Nakijin Gusuku Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in Nakijin Castle Ruins. A view of the world heritage, the Japan early cherry tree has exceptional flavor. During the festival period, the stage of various Acer and traditional arts by children - youth of Nakijin, photography meeting with Kitayama King, Queen, Nakijin Castle Ruins by Gusuku guide, trekking tours and various events at the castle town has been planning. During the period will be walls are lit up until 21:00.


Nakijin Castle Ruins