Iwaki of flowers to enjoy from spring to autumn

Iwaki City , which is said to northeast of Shonan , blessed with a mild climate all year round , You can enjoy a variety of flowers . Please come by all means once .

In Iwaki City Flower Centre , bloom various flowers throughout the year , Beni Yoshino cherry tree is the best time to see the future of time . In addition, in "Kouya Hanamiyama" , over in May from the end of April , phlox will bloom beautifully .

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Name Iwaki flower centre
Best season From spring to autumn
住所 970-8018, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture Tairayotsunami ISHIMORI 116
Open Park           AM9:00~PM5:00
Exhibition greenhouse   AM9:00~PM4:30
Rest house        AM9:00~PM4:30
Flower Life Museum    AM9:00~PM5:00
Entrance Fee free
Exhibition room 1,530 YEN(AM9:00~PM0:00)
2,040 YEN(PM1:00~PM5:00)
3,570 YEN(PM9;00~PM5:00)
Training room 1,060 YEN(AM9:00~PM0:00)
1,420 YEN(PM1:00~PM5:00)
2,480 YEN(PM9;00~PM5:00)
Automatic telescope 1time 100 YEN

Every Tuesday ( the next day when you hit the holiday ) December 29 to January 3


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Address 973-8406 , Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture Uchigokoya cho Hirokaya 1-1

From Apr. to July and Sept.(AM 9:00~PM 5:00)
From Oct. to Nov. and Mar.(AM 9:00~PM 4:00)

Entrance fee One day ticket:adult
March 300 YEN
From May to April  500 YEN
From June to November 300 YEN
One day ticket:From 3 -year-old 11 -year-old
100 YEN
One day ticket:Preschooler free

Annual ticket:1,500 YEN

Irregular ( bad weather day and August is a day off ) ( winter Kyuen until December to February )