Yokohama attractions to enjoy the seasonal flowers

he businessman Hara Sankei opened up this spacious Japanese Garden-a leading location for flowers in Yokohama. You can enjoy the timely nature of the four seasons that harmoniously blends with the historical structures.

Spot Name Sankeien Garden

The park is arrayed with various structures from Kyoto, Kamakura and more…the spring’s cherry blossoms, the summer’s lotus, the autumn’s changing leaves and the winter’s plum trees come together to create this popular spot for visitors from abroad to really feel “Japan”.


Spot Name Sankeien Garden
Address 58-1, Hommoku Sannotani, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 231-0824, Japan
Open AM 9:00 - PM 17:00
(Admission is until PM 16:30)
Closed December 29, 30, 31
Entrance fee Adult: 500yen / Children: 200yen