SL and the nature of the fun flower country

In Japan, this is the only English 15” Gauge Steam Locomotive from “Romney Railway“, where a wide range of ages can view and enjoy nature and the flowers of the four seasons.

Spot Name Shuzenji Nijinosato

There is an exotic feeling in the air with “English village”, “Canada Village” and others are all lined up. There is also the “Japa-nese Garden” and the “Fairy Garden” along with the flowers that bloom according to each season. The traditional arts and crafts at “Artisan’s Village” is very popular.


Sopt name Sunomata Ichiyajo Saikawatsutsumi
Entrance fee Adults: 1200yen/children: 600yen
Best Season Rhododendron/April-May
Wisteria/Early May
Blue Flag/June
Hydrangea/Mid-June - early July
Autumn colors/Mid-November - early December
Open April-September 9:00am-5:00pm
October-March 9:00am-4:00pm
Closed Every Tuesday and End of December-New Years holiday.