Cosmos Garden boasts a Kansai one of the largest

Consisting of 20 different kinds, there are a total 8,000,000 cosmos for you to enjoy here. Every year we are open. Please come and visit Kameoka, a place abounding with nature.

During the harsh winter, the wild boar becomes its "fattiest". That meat, when thinly sliced and decorated around the platter, looks like the beautiful peony flower. Warming the body and the heart, this is a feast for winter.


Spot Name Kyototamba Kameoka Yumekosumosu Park
Best Season late September-late October
Entrance fee Age 13+ weekends-600 yen, weekdays 500 yen
Age 6+ 300 yen (Below 5 is free)
Open 9:00am~4:00pm( reception closes)
Weekends/holidays entrance ends at 4:30pm
Closed Open all year round
etc. Fees and times are from April 2016