Citrus kingdom of sweetly fragrant mandarin orange flowers

In plump white petals feature , it is also a fight of Ehime Prefecture .
The flowering in May , mandarin orange mountain is wrapped in sweet fragrance .

Fresh and fragrant tangerine flowers

Ehime Prefecture citrus kingdom citrus production is in Japan . Prefecture of mandarin orange mountain is wrapped in a sweet citrus aroma . I'd like to recommend among a number of mandarin orange mountain spot here .

From Hokezutoge an altitude of 436m which is located between the Uwajima and Seiyo , you can admire the beautiful Uwa panorama of terraced fields and Rias of oranges spread out below ! Loves flowers , what is the drive journey to enjoy the scent how ?

Also, if taste the Ehime of citrus to nurture the rich natural and scenic views , to " Mikan'ya " . Cheeks We deliver nationwide juicy variety of citrus us much is likely to fall !



Name Hoketsutoge
Address Ehime Prefecture Uwajima Yoshida -cho / Uwa -cho
Best season May