Maiduru ParkPeonies, Chinese peonies Garden

At Maizuru park and site of the old Otaka residence, a place with deep ties to the great ancestor of Fukuoka, Kuroda Kanbei, one can both feel the history of the area and experience great smelling, large petal flowers.

Spot Name  Maiduru Park Peonies, Chinese peonies Garden

Fukuoka Castle, "Kourokan-ato", such as Maizuru Park history is jammed Fukuoka is known for its cherry blossoms, cherry season is the main enclosure trace, along the moat, around the athletics field in a lot of coming garden's crowded. In addition, in the park plum, Fuji, but you can enjoy the season of flowers, such as iris, and peony that must not forget the coming season peony. Peony peony garden of Maizuru Park, located in the Mitaka mansion ruins Kanbee Kuroda is said to have spent his last years, peony 21 species 400 shares in the large site, May from large flower of peony 18 species 1400 shares in April one after another reached the full bloom through, the park drifts sweet and elegant scent of peony and peony. Since the cherry-blossom viewing stand according to the flowering will be installed, you can also look at from a position slightly higher than usual.


Spot Name Maiduru Park
Peonies, Chinese peonies Garden
Address 1, Jonai, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 810-0043, Japan
Entrance fee Free
Open 9:00am~5:00pm
Closed Closed from Dec. 29th-31st
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