Experience the traditional technique "handsome"!

Akita specialty Inaniya Udon has kept defending, you can experience each traditional recipe without using any machine, one by one actually.

NAME  Inani Udon Handmade experience

Inaniya Udon is made with a unique manufacturing method called "handy". Also, if you can experience a cooking experience course where you can separately learn how to boil and how to arrange, this is also Inaniya Udon Mai Star!

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Name Sato yoske souhonten
Add. Inaniwa town Yuzawa City Akita prefecture Inaniwa 80
TEL. 0183-43-2911 ※ Reservation required
Price 【Experience course】
Infant:free Elementary school student:500 yen Junior high school student:1,000yen
Web http://www.sato-yoske.co.jp/inaniwa-udon/