Miyahata Jomon ruins sleeping people's lives

There are experiential learning facilities that make it easy to communicate such as the four seasons of Jomon people and their lives, There are plenty of Jomon experiences menu.

Name Jyomopia miyahata

Restored buildings, exposed exhibition buildings, cooking buildings, playground equipment, playground equipment, wide lawn open spaces, etc. are in place and you can enjoy it as a children's playground including various experience learning and strolling in the park.-

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Name Jyomopia miyahata
Add. 960-8201 Fukushima-shi Okajima Miyata 78
TEL. 024-573-0015

Experience learning facility Exhibition room viewing fee

General: 200 yen High school student or less: 100 yen

Preschool child: Free Jomon Experience menu Partially charged.


· 15 minutes by car from Fukushima Izaka IC, Tohokudo.

· Get ​off at Fukushima station east exit number 3 bus stop from Tsukihon railway station, get off at Kamata bus stop 7 minutes on foot.

Web http://www.city.fukushima.fukushima.jp/bunka-maizou/miyahata/