A sea kayaking experience that can be enjoyed with children in Mitsukejima

Noto Peninsula's cutting-edge tourist attraction Suzu. You can see the world agricultural heritage "Noto no Satoyama Sato" from the sea level. Please enjoy the feeling of floating and floating on Mizushima.

Name  Sea kayak experience at Mitsukejima

One of the sightseeing experiences of Suzu City. Toward the backside of Mitsukejima, take a walk on the sea with a sea kayak. The journey time is one hour. Because the instructor runs side by side, it is safe even if you can get on kayak for the first time and parent and child. After experiencing, please also enjoy the various hot springs and Noto donburi of the nearest Mitsuke tea house (selling souvenirs) by all means.

Nearby hot springs include day towel bathing OK, Tsjiso, a small hot spring bath tower, and spirit hot water at the potasaki beach, a little far away. Also here, on 7th August, the Honorable Tanabata Kiriko Festival was held and Kiriko, about 14 m in height, headed for a pillar torch installed at 20 - 30 m off the coast of the night by the clerk, around the torch You can see how swimming in brave scenes.


Place Ishikawa Prefecture Suzu City Before the Hayato Ukai found beach
Schedule 4/29 (Sat) - 5/7 (Sun)
7/15 (Sat) to 9/24 (Sunday)
※ Only on weekends and holidays
Time 9:00-11:00 , 13:00-15:00
Price Price Adult 2,000 yen
Child 1,000 yen
(accompanied by parents below primary school student)
etc. Dress changing room/ toilet/ coin locker/ shower

Noto Peninsula schematic map inJapan Vol.5


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