Let's play at the foot of Fuji! It is!

90 minutes from the city center. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding with majestic Fuji back. Outdoor sports are enriched in the summer.

NAME Fujiten Snow Resort

Why do not you come and join us at the foot of Mt. Fuji, cool and refreshing at an altitude of over 1200 m? We also have a barbecue at the location that wants Mt. Fuji!


Details Ski resort area: 65ha, slope area: 23ha, altitude 1285m - 1485m, 4 lifts, 7 courses, maximum slope 32 degree, average slope of 13 degrees, restaurant 1000 seats, parking lot 2500 units, school, various rental.
Inquiry TEL.0555-85-2000 FAX.0555-85-3074
URL http://summer.fujiten.net/
Access Shinjuku, Shizuoka, Yokohama, 90 minutes from various places. For more information on the web.