Enjoy 360°coral reef sea world!

In the southernmost tip of Ehime the love south town has a sea like tropical land spreading. If you dive one coral reef! Do you not experience the beauty of nature?

Why do not you go see the ocean friends like coral reefs as far as you can see, lovely anemone fish? Marineland Hirabe can enjoy marine leisure, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, and phishing. It is popular not only for Japanese but also for foreigners! This summer is decided in Ainan!

■ Scuba diving
Veteran guide firmly supports first person. Even beginners can enjoy the ocean world with the experiential diving plan.

■ Snorkeling
Observe underwater with snorkel!

■ Water Toys
Speed ​​feeling pulling with jet ski is thrilling full mark!

■ Water bike
We are preparing a safe plan even for the first time.

■ Utsumi Cruising
Why do not you enjoy relaxing love with your family and friends in the ocean of Minami-cho?

★ Please see facebook for the state of experience.

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