I enjoy delicious cuisine with blue which goes on forever.

Koson Island is a small island located 5 km southeast of Katsuren Peninsula. It is a tour that you can fully enjoy the high-transparency beach of Koson Island on a day trip.

Name  Tsuken island One Day Tour

Tsuken Island is an island floating 4 km southeast of Katsuren Peninsula, a familiar isolated island that can be reached by day trip. Beautiful beach with its clear blue sky is famous and you can enjoy various marine activities besides swimming and snorkeling. Since it has not been much touristic, it can feel the flow of time even more slowly in Okinawa. In the beach house adjacent to the beach, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat delicious steaks and drinks while breathtakingly baked overlooking the beautiful sea! We also sell tropical drinks and oyster ice with plenty of fruits. The tour includes round trip to Koson Island, all-you-can-eat steak, rest area, shower use, insurance. Because the staff of the hotel "Okinawa Grand Male Resort" that we operate will serve you, please enjoy your tour with confidence.

"Tsuken Island" day trip island tour

Address Okinawa Prefecture Urumaichi Katsuhiko Tsuyoshi
Date July 1 - September 30
Tour Schedule Hotel (8:00 departure) → Ferry landing (9:00 departure) → Free time at Koson Island · Lunch → Ferry landing (15:00 departure) → Hotel (16:15 arrival)
Funeral Number of people from 2 people
Rain scheduled, suspended stormy weather
Price Adult 7,000 yen Elementary school student 5,000 yen ※ 1 preschool child per adult free of charge
Contact ■ Okinawa Grand Male Resort Okinawa Prefecture Okinawa Uruma city Katsuren Tsuken2-8-1
Phone number: 098-931-1500 (representative number)
Or 098-932-8511 (Concierge)
Web http://www.okinawa-grandmer.com/