Ootori Shrine Great Festival

Great festival once in 12 years

Date 2017.10.8

"Otorisama" in the northeastern part of Adachi-ku, Flower Field. Rooster year this year. A big festival is held once every twelve years on Sunday, October 8. Creation is said to be the Heian era, but unknown. During the Edo period, the harvest festival prospered and it is said to be the birthplace of "Cocktail Market". In the Cocktail Market, the eagle gathers Fukutoku "rake" and the buyer is considered to be growing year by year from small rake. When trading is decided, fiery hand tightening sounds, blending in the plenty of open-bottomed stalls. A scene from autumn to winter. This shrine, which was quiet in the usual way, will also be prosperous at this time.

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Spot name Otori Shrine (Otori Jinja)
Address 7 - 16 - 8 of Adachi-ku, Adachi-ku, Tokyo