Adventure experience at Kameoka "Hozugawa"

Keicho 11 (1606) Housing river where the luxury merchant, Takanori Kanagura completed water transport to transport wood and other materials to Osaka. Enjoy nature with Hozu River descent / rafting / BBQ.

NAME Hozugawa descending

Located in the middle of Kyoto, slender to the north and south, the Kyotanba region is the Sea of ​​Japan and the south is the Osaka Bay. Local sake is the best sauce for the ingredients of local sake "elders" that Mr. Mr. put into by the rich groundwater of Kyotanba.


Add. Kameoka-shi Hozu-machi Shimonakajima 2
TEL. 0771-22-5846
FAX. 017-752-1312

Regular boarding 1 person 4100 yen

One charter ship up to 17 people is 82,000 yen

Reservations can be made from 10 people or more.

Reception 9:00 to 15:30
Parking Lot 80 units
Contact Hozugawa shipbuilding enterprise association rafting division
Telephone 0771-22-5846