In the nature of the four seasons,
A place where you can experience the old life

Shikoku village is an open-air museum with the theme of ancient private houses from the Edo period to the Meiji era and ancient living. You can enjoy Sanuki udon, authentic Sanuki udon as well as works of sculptor · Mr. Kanesuyuki and architect · Tadao Ando, ​​seasonal flowers.

Name Shikoku village

The Shikoku Private House Museum is an open-air museum which restored and restored the old private houses from various parts of Shikoku to the site of the foot of the Yashima mountain known as Genpei's old battlefield. Seasonal plants are planted and you can touch directly with wisdom, ingenuity and culture of the predecessors while feeling the change of the season. Also, you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the unique atmosphere of this unique "Udon no Straw House", a hand-crafted udon noodle shop that refurbished the old-fashioned house of the roof and the "Tea room foreigner" who relocated the Kobe's foreigner's house .

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Shikoku Village
(Shikoku Private House Museum · Shikoku Village Gallery)

Add. Yajima Nakamachi Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 761-0112 91
Contact information TEL:087-843-3111
Open Kamimura: 8: 30 <7 days a week>
Closed village: 18:00 (April - October) 17:30 (November - March)
※ Irumura will be up to 1 hour before closed village
Entry fee General 1,000 (900 yen)
High school student 600 (500 yen)
Elementary and junior high school students 400 (300 yen)
() Is a group of 25 or more organizations
Notes on entry fee * Prices change during the exhibition opening period.
(Please note that the period fluctuates each time)
Discounts apply to the following people.
● Person who presents handicapped Person
● Person who brings various discount tickets etc.
● Groups of 25 people or more ※ Infants are free
※ Elderly discount is not available
※ Pets are admitted conditionally
Parking Lot Free (5 buses, 200 regular vehicles)
access ■ By car
· Takamatsu Expressway Takamatsu Central IC approximately 8 km north to the car
· Approximately 15 minutes by car · About 20 minutes by car from Takamatsu Motor Doshishigaki IC
· 20 minutes by car from JR Takamatsu station
· 20 minutes by car from Naruto Ohashi Naruto At about 50 minutes
· 40 minutes by car from north to Takamatsu Airport

■ By plane
Tokyo - Takamatsu about 1 hour 15 minutes

■ By train
· Shin Osaka ~ Takamatsu about 2 hours
· JR Takutoku line Yajima station get off at 10 minutes on foot
· Kotohira Electric Railway Shidaku Line get off at Kotetsujima Station and walk 5 minutes