Croquette rescues the world! What?

Fried croquettes of Hokuhoku made entirely from Akita prefecture have been awarded the Japan Croquet Association East Japan potato category gold prize twice!.

NAME Gourmet Store Fukushima

Fukushima-san's fried croquette who self-designates the croquette revolutionary makes a smile certainly the person who ate it. Roast beef and munch cuts are also excellent! Please make sure the best croquette that Japan boasts!

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Gourmet Store Fukushima
(limited company Fukushima meat store)

Add. Akita-ken Oga-shi Funakawa Port Funakawa Funakawa 80-1
TEL. 0185-23-2624 ※ Reservation required
Price Fukushima's croquette 190 yen
Motohama menchi 230 yen
Open Monday · Tues · Thurs · Friday 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
Wednes · Saturday 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Close Sunday Holidays irregular holiday

Akita Araya Glass Studio