Watching and painting experience at Zao Onsen

"Kuge Kogei" that can be attached to hot springs while also loving the nature of Zao, even painting Kokeshi

NAME Zao Tourist Information Center
(Megumiguri Kokeshi Sales Office)

"Koge Kogei" released at Zao Onsen Tourist Association can take a bath at each member inn as a ticket of 3 attached seals. You can also paint in the kokes that you bought.


Street address Yamagata prefecture Yamagata city Zao Onsen 746
TEL. 023-694-9328
Fee Hot spring kokeshi 1,300 yen
Painting experience 230 yen (paint fee)
Access In the case of railroad and overpass / "From JR Tokyo station to JR Yamagata station in about 2 hours 30 minutes by Yamagata Shinkansen and about 45 minutes by car from JR Yamagata Station"