Plenty of vegetables with juicy feathers

Being famous for ramen noodles, Sano is highly regarded by a select few as a town where delicious jiaozi is served. The jiaozi there has thick dumpling skin and juicy taste with the fully stuffed minced pork and vegetables.

NAME “Men-ya Rakkasei”

“Men-ya Rakkasei” is a stylish ramen noodle shop located before the gate of “Sano Yakuyoke Daishi,” one of the big three Daishi (temple) in Kanto area. Jiaozi can be the best hors d'œuvre for SAKE, though typically served as a side dish for ramen noodles.

Restaurant Infomation

Name “Men-ya Rakkasei”
Add. 2514 Kanaikamachi, Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture Sano in front of the disaster cadget
TEL. 0283-22-7928