Seri Nabe

A Nabe consisting of Japanese parsley, duck, and chicken.

The duck soup, brilliant white and green "Sendai Seri" and only duck meat of the "Sendai Seri Nabe". In exquisite combination, texture and aroma of Seri, delicious sweet, does not stop chopsticks. Ten years ago this pot was born in, completely and become established as a new specialty of Sendai, it is about some people have been waiting a Seri harvest time of from October whether now or now. In the snow, Sendai traditional vegetables Sendai auction to harvest and immersed in cold fresh water in the Gomu-naga up to chest. In the original, which was born and this pot I want leveraging delicious it "Wabisuke", in addition to enjoy the "Sendai Seri Nabe" from October to GW, and we are also nationwide dispatch by set.

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