Kiritanpo Nabe

A Nabe consisting of chicken soupwith kiritanpo and chicken.

Its origin is said and prey hunter "Matagi" Akita tradition that own Tsu caught, ate it with a miso or boiled what baked it with the rice that was left to the bar and the origin.
In addition, "Tpanpo" of "Kiri-Tanpo" is derived from the cover of the spear. In the bar of the "Akita Sugi", mashed by winding rice baked shape, called from its resemblance to it "Tanpo", it came to be called "Kiritanpo" from putting it off when placed in a pot It was and has been said.
This while wound rod without turning off the "Tanpo", those with a sauce such as miso is called "Misotuke Tanpo", "Kiritanpo" with chicken and vegetables, such as pot dishes put the mushrooms and "Kiritanpo Nabe" I call.
Many prefer to eat in the pot, in the was also penetration as a general home cooking now probably there are more to refer to this "Kiritanpo Nabe" Speaking of "Kiritanpo".
Basic ingredients are burdock, chicken, maitake, green onion, "Kiritanpo", "Seri", seven "Sirataki". It boiled these ingredients in soy-based soup made with broth of "Hiruchi Jirdori". Soaked plenty of soup, very hot "Kiritanpo", which takes you warm in the cold winter to the core of your body.
Originated a strong theory that is north of Akita Prefecture "Kiritanpo", "Oodate Akita" In has been held "Oodate Kiritanpo Matsuri" in October every year. "Oodate Kiritanpo Matsuri" becomes the 43 th place in this year, 132,000 people were visitors in three days.
The opening of a number of "Kiritanpo" Of course, singing and dancing stage events, such as events where you can enjoy in the family, has become a big event that Tsukuseru play day.
Speaking of Akita winter "Kiritanpo". And how about delicious local sake around a pot?
There are a lot of other delicious food and local sake also in Akita.
Please do put in Akita all means and wisdom of the people of the snowy country that well spend the cold season, the warmth to feel.

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