Imoni Nabe

A Nabe consisting of potatoes, beef,Japanese konnyaku and onions.

Yamagata of autumn, to enjoy with family and friends and work colleagues and the riverbed "Imoni kai". Imoni which is one in also Yamagata of regional dishes, materials and seasoning also varies by region. Murayama area around Yamagata City, put taro, beef, konjac, a taste with soy sauce to green onion. It's simple but deep flavor features. Recently there is also putting the mushrooms and burdock. Shonai area is located in the Sea of Japan side in the same Yamagata Prefecture for pig farming is a thriving region, it has become a Imoni of miso flavor to pork.

Also, in the "Japan of imoni Festival" will be held in the riverbed of "Mamigasaki" Yamagata to mid September each year, of about 30,000 meals made in a large pot of 6 meters Imoni will be served.

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