Negima Nabe
by Funabashi Inariya

A Nabe consisting of fish and onions.

Restaurant Name  Funabashi Inariya

A creation that comes from the first year of the Keio era (1865), Inagaya of Funabashi's very own "Onion Nabe". This little gem of Funabashi, famous to those in the know of Funabashi, communicates both the kindness of the shop's owner and the weight of history.

"Negima Nabe" fish of fat melts among the pot, the flavor is viewed from the green onion, leek also made delicious, exquisite fish and leek of harmony, is the deep flavor of the pot. Inari-ya's Negima pot, white hair green onions is spread in pan bottom, it has worked smell of citron accents,Taste in the elegant taste are chock full of.

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