Shitamachi of Tokyo !
Yakuzen Nabe of local vegetables

This restaurant has won the Excellence Award for the third consecutive year in the cooking contest in Tokyo sponsored. The new Tokyo Nabe.

Tokyo Adachi Nabe -Yakuzen Nabe-

"Enoki" is a Tokyo restaurant of the new type. Cooking contest with agriculture, forestry and fishery products of Tokyo, this restaurant was awarded a three-year Continuous Excellence Award.Creative regional pot the shopkeeper was raised created with great feelings. 31 kinds of herbs and spices, in a special soup that was aged fermented in its own technique the seasoning, "local vegetables (Roku-cho production komatsuna-Yanaka production of garland chrysanthemum, tomato, onions, broccoli, etc.)" and the famous "Adachi greens noodles Kusurizennabe be enjoyed in Adachi-ku-producing ingredients such as ". The deadline to close the pot of soup in Tokyo Akiruno producing eggs, and over a lot in the "pot rice" of freshly cooked, and put further Adachi production of Murasakime the (Murame) in condiments, and then piping hot Tamagotoji rice. Body and I will warm even the heart.

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Restaurant Detail

Restaurant Name Enoki
Address Adachi-ku, Nishikahei 2-7-15 Lynx six-cho 1F,Tokyo
Phone Number 03-5831-2431 (+81-3-5831-2431)
Hours Saturday and Sunday lunch / 12:00 to 14:30
Dinner / 5:00 p.m. to 22:30
regular holiday: Wednesday

Excellent restaurants Puedo Bar has originated the "delicious"
of Japan.

TThe starting point of Matsuo Basho's journey , Oshu ( Michinoku ) to the lead sunlight along the way first inn " Senju ".
Please enjoy the pride of the pot to taste the food of local and Michinoku in Senju starting point of the journey.

Michinoku Nabe to connect with Senju

Basho Matsuo, known for "Okuno alleys" is, 1689 (1689) March 27, will set off from the first inn along the way sunlight "Senju" to Oshu along with his students Sora. Starting point that leads to Oshu, we offer a variety of "Nabe" a collection of ingredients of local and Michinoku here Senju.

<Specialties food 1>
Senju of green onions

The Senju of Tokyo Adachi-ku, there is only length leek only handle only market in Japan. It is for each farmer compete every morning can potluck a good green onions and the can most every morning to this onion market. Many skin part, such as the annual ring called "winding" heavy as a feature, those sugar content is high are the highest rank. And it only those that were recognized by discerning called green onions quotient has been dealing with for generations green onions from the Edo period is referred to as the "Senju green onions." We want to ask to eat this delicious green onions to everyone, we were placed in a pot with a grilled eyes.

<Specialties food 2>
Aomori "Abe dori" and Nanbu-cho tomato

From Aomori, is the owner of the home is a brand chicken "Abedori" of meatball enters, it has become the accent of taste by putting the delicious "tomato" in the Nanbu-cho.

<Specialties food 3>
Akita Tazawa steel head (trout)

Grew up in Lake Tazawa "steelhead (trout)" is a very taste just like salmon fat glue. Based soup takes advantage of the "'s a Sakanahishioshiro" Ando brewing of Kakunodate.

<Specialties food 4>
Iwate "Kenzan Wakame"

"Kenzan Wakame" of Hiroshi Nomachi Hirono-ya in the prefecture north. When bite bite you surprised to texture is not in pot until now in crispy.

Plenty of pepper

<> Owner I hometown there was a delicious sushi called "pot and a half," Mr. Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe, but became the spare is in 2014 closed. There has specialty pot called "pepper pot", to eat and crisp, out warm and the body is hot will sweat even Atsu~tsu ... while Fufu say on the day cold pot that contains plenty of pepper come it was northern unique pot. Please enjoy sprinkled plenty in your favorite police ♪ ♪ police and pepper. Cold in the winter it does not say anything a pepper lot is exciting.

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Restaurant Detail

Restaurant Name Puedo Bar
Address Adachi-ku, Senju asahi-cho, 41 first building,Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6806-2400 (+81-3-6806-2400)
Hours Mon.-Sat. 17:00~23:00(L.O.22:00)