Traditional Nabe of Tokyo

In Tokyo, there is the traditional "Gamefowl Nabe" which uses the rare, "Hacho Miso". There are also a number of "Chanko Nabe", a favorite of Sumo wrestlers, found in the area surrounding Ryokoku.

Hatcho miso of Kadoya's Shamo-Nabe

Hatcho miso specialties signboard menu of Ikenami Shotaro novel became Shamo Nabeya model that appeared in "Onihira-hankachou" "excessive house", "Shamo-Nabe" is, Since its founding in 1862, for over 150 years and it has been familiar to many people.

The surrounding "JR Ryogoku Station" has been chosen eaves shops of so many of Chanko nabe. Indeed sumo of town. Among them, "Chanko Kawasaki" of old houses like House, a former sumo wrestler, Yokoteyama is established in 1937. Carefully took the soup "Sopp-daki" chicken Chanko called the popular long-established shop in since chicken, Toka many familiar customers who Tashinamu barrels liquor while poking the pot at the counter seat.

1718 to the founding boar dish of long-established "Momonjiya". It has meant the beasts and "Momonji", although it had the Edo era climate of carnivorous contraindications, the meat of wild boar ate secretly referred to as has the effect on sensitivity to cold and fatigue, "Yama-Kujira" "Kusurigui", etc. It had been. The crimson color was red meat and white fat are said to be known as "Botan-Nabe" in features, signage menu boar rose meat stewed particularly well in sukiyaki pot of miso taste good penetration Jimi deeply delicious and reputation.

Any of your sake shop also suited to cooking, shochu, especially "Momonjiya" is also abundantly wine.

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Name Kadoya
Tel. 03-3631-5007(+81-3-3631-5007)

1-6-13, Midori, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0021, Japan

Name Chanko Kawasaki
Tel. 03-3631-2529(+81-3-3631-2529)

2-13-1, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0026, Japan

Name Momonjiya
Tel. 03-3631-5596(+81-3-3631-5596)

1-10-2, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0026, Japan