Wajima Tokotoko Nabe

A Nabe consisting of mackerel boiled ina soy sauce based soup.

Port city Wajimazaki the town of fisherman pan
" Wajima Tokotoko Nabe "

"Wajima Tokotoko Nabe" is for fishermen of Haragoshirae on board, put it in Soi only the mackerel in a pot you put soy sauce, start it was food. You can feel free to enjoy the taste of Noto of mackerel (mackerel). (Mackerel is not caught day, you can enjoy in a different season of the fish.) There are times when it is not possible to fish by the weather, it must be booked in advance. (Also lunch only OK!)

In addition to this, in the Noto region, three conditions (base that is Noto aroma, delicious food of Noto, kneading dumpling of local products) shops that are incorporated into your local pot "Noto Nabe" a menu that satisfies the Wakura it is spread mainly in Nanao with hot springs, as can the ladder of pot!

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