Uchikomi Udon

A miso Nabe with root vegetables and udon.

Famous pot in Kagawa is "Uchikomi Udon". Implantation udon, referred to simmer in the hit fresh pot while not boiled noodles, it can be said that pot dishes prefecture unique with Sanuki udon in specialty. Seasoned with miso, it will eating along with the vegetables to meet the miso. It is said also Anmochi zoni to eat New Year because miso. It is a unique province that breathes with miso culture. Radish and carrot, such as burdock, it is felt that the vegetables plenty of miso noodle stew. Since making in Sanuki udon, Kosi is strong, you can enjoy a sense of eating even boiled to some extent. Udon is I will say that pot dishes unique "Udon-ken" that the leading role. The origin of the name, which is also referred to as a "Uchikomi" from where it simmer a hit fresh noodles as it is, has been popular as a local diet.

Photo provided Yashobaan.
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