Buri-shabu taste of Buri Revitalizing!

Buri of Toshima a tight, only. "Burishabu" quickly and Kugura allowed to eat soup, the fat also fell moderately, frankly delicious!

And enjoy the yellowtail Uwakai grew up in "Buri-shabu"!

Texture of white onion of Buri and crisp of Doke best of melting mouth is just exquisite. It was used in a photo of pot "Toshima yellowtail". Cultivation of yellowtail in Ehime Prefecture Uwajima off the coast has been brought up in thriving Toshima, you can enjoy in Stock Now.

Uwajima, the castle town of Date 10-Man-goku. The 2015 , 400 years festival Uwajima was held. Also it plans to "Ehime-iyashi-no-nanyohaku2016" will be held in Nanyo region, it is increasingly looking forward to regional leisure to food.

JR Yosan Line, in a is Uwajima Station terminus of the express train, such as Tenshaen that are specified in the scenic beauty of Uwajima Castle and the country can enjoy. There is also Yushi of the stage field chosen for "Japan rural Hyakkei" you wait a little leg, it will be deprived of mind to stage groves and Uwa beauty of. Uwa of coast famous scenic beauty of the rias rich in change, even just not of pearls and sea bream farming yellowtail is thriving. In the description and Square in the near Uwajima Port, you can touch the charm of Uwajima, including local specialties, specialty products and local cuisine.

Yellowtail shabu, you can taste the "Uwajima location Nibancho shop" Matsuyama corresponding to the entrance of Ehime Prefecture. Because it is time-limited menu of November to March, do not forget the reservation!

[Toshima Buri in the Stock Now]
Aqua plus http://buri-aquaplus.jp/

[Uwajima-basho-Nibancho shop]
8-4, Nibancho 3-chome,Matsuyama,Ehime
Telephone 089-934-1129
http: // bistroplus.jp/basyo-matsuyama-tenpo.html

[Photo] Aqua plus / Uwajima location

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