Foodie also surprised fugu of Oita

Cooking that has developed through the Meiji era, the Taisho era, the Showa era̶up until now, the Heisei era, where it is waiting for you to taste and see.

Restaurant Name  Takegawata Onsen

Onsen Oita has a hot spring resort of Beppu, # 1 nationwide that Yufuin and second place, has further become unbearable region to many hot springs fan hidden spring that are scattered in the prefecture.

Seafood typified by a Seki horse mackerel Seki mackerel as well as hot springs rich, winter is especially puffer fish is delicious season. Correct answer to eat in Atsu-biki rather than Oita blowfish House argument! , Tight blowfish Jimi and full pot of seen many flavor components, Fried chicken, Hire-shu, please enjoy a full course such as puffer fish skin. Shop that spits out the fugu, respectively there several dozen takes care to eat a delicious blowfish competing tricks in Beppu-Oita, Usuki.

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