Iwaki Odori

Participants is Iwaki of summer tradition to begin dancing in unison in Iwaki Station Boulevard. Rhythm has been taken from the Buddha dance while Thats.

Showa has from 56 years is carried out every year, is Iwaki of summer tradition that participants begin to dance in unison in Iwaki Station Boulevard. If the reservation, the general team and corporate team, you can join a group of student teams such as dozens of units. "Wasse" of the slogan is to express the "momentum" and further as "Sheng", "sum" of the people. Rhythm is incorporated than Nenbutsu dance while Thats, you dance to devise each organization, costumes and accessories. In front of the competition to be carried out in the flat, Nakoso, Onahama, Tokiwa, carried out in the rest of the city of Yotsukura, the more participants each tournament 1,000 to 3,000 people, enter the number of customers has become about 15 thousand to 40 thousand people. Others, will be held hula shows and street live, also a variety of events such as the flea market.

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Name Iwaki Odori
Location Iwaki Station Boulevard (Iwaki Station - about 400m up to No. 6 national highway)
Access 【In the case of railway use】
From Tokyo Station to Iwaki Station, about 2 hours and 15 minutes in the Joban Line limited express (just out of the station)
TEL 0246-44-6545