Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri

Eight of the shopping district around Shinjuku Station is carried out at the center "Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri" . Mating Shinjuku of hot air and Okinawa of hot air , is the hottest day in Shinjuku .

DATE 2016.7.30

At the time of 2001 Shinjuku festival, invited Okinawa Acer team in the fact that dance a lively, in the wake of that Acer in some areas of Shinjuku shopping district has been unveiled, 4 shopping street promotion association (Shinjuku Odori mall Promotion union Shinjuku east exit shopping street promotion association Kabukicho shopping street promotion association Shinjuku Station shopping street promotion association) is to consult, 4 shopping street promotion association began with the fact that trying to event that united.

The following year (2002), 4 shopping street promotion Shinjuku Eisa Festival Executive Committee that each officer was a member the inauguration of the union, Shinjuku east exit whole (Shinjuku main street (Shinjuku large guard - before Isetan), Shinjuku East Exit Chuo-dori and former It carried out in the frame theater before MORE 4 Avenue) the "1st Shinjuku Eisa festival" in July in the final Saturday.

Then also belong to the eight union committee in the year by year now expand the scale until now, it has been liven up the festival. Acer and means Bon Odori in Okinawa. Shamisen, drums, create, and more at matrix dancers, dance while out a shout, is one of the most popular of the traditional event also in Okinawa to pray for my wife safety and prosperity send an ancestor.
"Shinjuku Eisa Festival" became the Shinjuku of events in the last Saturday of July every year.

15 years so Acer is performed. Named after the event is also a large number held in Okinawa, settle for a look, settle for eating, is energetic festival.

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Name Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri
DATE 2016.07.30  PM12:00 - 20:00
Access Shinjuku Station on the JR Line and Toei Oedo Line , Keio Odakyu line.
Shinjuku Station East and West Exit around.
Contact Secretariat
TEL. 03-6681-4858