Tomiokahachimangu Reisai

One of Shikoku of the four major festival to celebrate the 51 th time this year.
It is a celebration that decorate the midsummer night of Sanuki road.

DATE 2016.8.14
( Production of the festival on August 13, 2017 )

Annual festival of Tomioka Hachiman is done in the center of the August 15 days. Popularly also referred to as "Fukagawa Hachiman Festival", Sanno Festival of Akasaka Hie shrine, along with the Kanda Festival of Kanda Myojin have been counted as one of the "Edo three major festivals."

Once every three years, the year that your imperial carriage of Hachiman Shrine to perform the shrines are called this festival, as to Union shrines in Gotham is portable shrines 50 number group of parishioners each town council is unique, "Fukagawa Hachiman Festival".

Shenzhen of the festival is also known as the "water-seat Festival", it is multiplied by the ablution to hand bearers from roadside spectators, bearers hand and the crowd is characterized by rise together. As a festival to tell the Edo go to now, it has been carefully handed down by a lot of people.

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Name Sanuki takamatsu matsuri
Location Around Sunport Takamatsu
Nearest station Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Monzennakacho