Kotohira Otorijinja Torinoichi

It is a festival that takes place on the day of the Tori of November every year in Yokohama . And offerings the Kumade received by Torinoichi to pray for good luck and home safety .

Event Date 
Ichinotori 2016.11.11
Ninotori 2016.11.23

Stalls opening time 11:00 am~23:00pm

As guardian deity of good luck, in the local is familiar with the name of "bait-like", the Cock Fair that crowded with a lot of worshipers seeking a rake to rake the Fukuun is the annual event to mark the early winter of Yokohama.

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Name Kotohira Otorijinja Torinoichi
Access Tokyo Sta.(Ueno Tokyo Line)>>Yokohama Sta.(Yokohama Municipal Subway)>> Bandobashi Sta.:About 35 minutes