Niigata Matsuri

Port city of Niigata is swollen hot 3 days

DATE 2016.8.5 - 7

Historic four of the festival is more than 60 years become one, unfolds in - around the city of symbol Bandai bridge.
The first day of a large-folk song flowed up to about 2.5km is a masterpiece. Column to dance the "Niigata lively dance" and "Sado Okesa" followed from Niigata to the center Furumachi. Also a possible unofficial participant of the day.
The next day several There are special events during the day, both adults and children to participate in the "Niigata glittering parade" and "carrying of miniature shrines," such as a number of special events. "Water carrying of miniature shrines" is intended to pray for the safety of the harbor, mikoshi is going to shrines riding the Shinano River in the ship.
Last day there is a "matrix", "fireworks" in the climax to the evening decorate the Niigata night of summer. Fireworks display is 3 days, but among them is the last day launch a "large Widestar Mine", there is impressive.

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Name Niigata Matsuri
Location Niigata Chuo-ku Bandai