Nyuu Chawan Matsuri

Unique style floats is that trick and decoration mountain has been living together of the three groups. Exquisite balance of Stacked was dolls and pottery in height 10m is a must-see.

DATE  5 years to be held at a time May 4 days of (next scheduled 2019)

Cup Festival, the old Yogo-cho Workers to create a pottery to the far is have the end of Kaminyu, for gratitude gratitude that has been endowed with the skill from God, is said that beginning that was offering a pottery every year, Shiga Prefecture designated intangible It has been designated a folk cultural assets.
In addition, permanent following the shrines of the portable shrine to Hachiman Shrine from the shrine Niu in cruise Baoshan, HisashiTamotsuyama, floats of the three groups of TanTamotsuyama is lively glory festival Bayashi. In Hikiyama float is of rustic wooden of the three groups, the mountain building that cleanse themselves from the previous two months with a send-off of Tsuzurenishiki remaining from Hikimaku and the Edo period transmitted from the Ashikaga era (Artificer) we are created with great Kiyoshi Makoto . These works, take the Kabuki and tricks from a story problem, but piled up the scene nicely combined height of 10 meters dolls and pottery, will roar the crowd to a brilliant and exquisite balance of that time, which was piled up . There is also at this scene is referred to as the "lake country of Kisai".
Festival Bayashi also, Niu unique Hikiyama Bayashi A Geisha, new automobiles Bayashi, other Kagura Bayashi, flute, drums, nimble rhythm and Shaw is what Kyodoshoku rich. Shrines along the way is gorgeous even during the solemn, at the beginning of the long sword swing, 12 role of, whistle, swinging bar, Tabor, hand drum, bells, pickpocket Sasara, big drum and continued, was to reproduce the picture scroll of just like Ashikaga era it says that luxury like.

Cup festival but is scheduled to be held on once May 4 days of five years (next scheduled 2019), 10 May 29 - 30, 2016, will be held in Shiga Prefecture Nagahama "of Japan This appearance scheduled for the festival in Nagahama 2016 ". For more information of "Japanese festival in Nagahama 2016" website ( http://matsurinagahama.jp/). Also, in the "bowl festival palace" in the Kaminyu Shiga Prefecture Nagahama Yogo Town, actually mini diorama, etc. of the replica and Hikiyama matrix of floats that are attracted by the festival and has been exhibited, you can feel the festival atmosphere you.

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About this festival

Name Nyuu Chawan Matsuri
Event datedetail 5 years to be held at a time May 4 days of (next held is 2019 plan, 2016 10/29 (Sat), 30 (Sun) Starring plans to "Japanese festival in Nagahama 2016")

Location information

Name Cyawan matsuri no yakata
Adress Shiga Prefecture Nagahama Yogo-cho Kaminyu 3224
Access 【In the case of railway use】
"About 140 minutes in the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to maibara station, about 30 minutes by JR Biwako Line Shinkansen from Maibara Station to Yogo Station"

【In the case of from Kansai International Airport】
"Kansai Airport Station = (JR Kansai Rapid, about 70 minutes) = Osaka Station = (JR Kyoto Line, about 3 minutes) = Shin-Osaka Station = (JR Tokaido Shinkansen, about 36 minutes) = maibara station = (JR Biwako Line New fast - about 30 minutes) = Yogo Station
Tel. 0749-86-8022
Opening Hours 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Web http://www.biwa.ne.jp/~azai/yakata.htm
Closed Open only Saturday and Sunday (the other days of the week is necessary reservation)
Entrance Fee Adult 300yen
Junior high school students below 150 yen