Nara Tokae

The land of the world heritage flowing leisurely of the time, it began to light in the light of the candle a prayer of people who gather in Nara.

DATE 2016.8.5 -14

During the conference of Toukae is ordered 20,000 or more candles on one side Nara Park, fantastic and mystical atmosphere will be directing.
The "TOUKA", in the form of flowers that can be ahead of the wick? Candle of mass. This has been said and made the luck is good. It was derived from the fact that this is as auspicious in Buddhism have been named "Toukae".
It should be noted that, during the period because congestion is expected, please use public transportation to the venue. (For private parking is not, please use the paid parking is around the venue.)

Abuses unless the stormy weather, light rain or shine. ※ Whether or not to hold, please use the guidance in Teredomu.

  [Teledomu 0180-997-515]

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Name Naratoukae
Location Nara Park peripheral zone
Entrance free
Access Train , bus and walk recommended ( in the case of the car , there is vehicular traffic regulation part around Nara Park )