The taste from the Edo era
at Shitamachi Iriya

Since Edo period (1603-1868), horsemeat that is also called Sakura-niku has been eaten. Among them, Sakura-nabe, a hot-pot with horsemeat and lots of vegetables, is one of the most popular ones in the area.

Name Sakura Nabe

Sakura Nabe is Hot-pot with stewed horsemeat and vegetables.
Horsemeat is a healthy food which has high protein and iron contents. Enjoy the meat with SAKEs of dry type, such as “Hitakami,” a prod-uct of Miyagi prefecture, which is crispy and dry Junmai-shu. You will never be tired of the taste.


Name 三富 "Santomi"
Address Taito Kyoto Shitaya 1-6-1
Access Tokyo Sta.(Yamamote Line)>>Ueno Sta.(Hibiya Line)>>Iriya Sta.:About 20 minutes