A brave Shirane large kite battle that lasts 300 years

Shirane large-kite battle is a regional tradition event that continues from the Edo period

DATE 2017.6.1 - 5

It is held for 5 days in early June every year, and a total of over 300 kites are kicking up kites. 2017 will be held from Thursday, June 1 to May 5. There are two kinds of kites used in the battle, the "large kite" of 7 meters in length and 5 meters in side is as large as 24 tatami mats. The other one is a hexagon "kite kite", a kite of 2.8 meters in length and 2.2 meters in width appears. From both sides of the Nakagogawa river, winning and losing is decided by flying a kite and twisting the rope and cutting either rope. A kite prepared over a year will compete at once in this period.

In addition, there is "Shirokane kite and a hall of history" to display large kites in the same district. Here you can see exhibits of large kites throughout the year (* closed), Japanese kites and overseas kites are also on exhibition. You can also enjoy the mini kite production experience.

◎ Battle of Shirane Kaiko

◎ Shirone big kite and a house of history

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Venue Shinane and Nishi Shirone (Nakano-gawa embankment kite battle venue) in Minami-ku Niigata City
Viewing FREE (chargeable seats available)
WEB http://www.shironekankou.jp/tako/

Shirone big kite and a house of history

Address Niigata-ken Niigata-shi Minami-ku Upland and Suwa Tsuki 1770-1
TEL. 025-372-0314
WEB http://www.shiteikanrisha.jp/ootako/
Open 9 am - 5 pm (Admission is until 4:30 pm)
Close  On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday (the next day if this day is a holiday), New Year's Holiday (December 28 - January 3)
Fee Adult 400 yen Small, middle and high school students 200 yen (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays are elementary and junior high school students free)