Soul food of Fukushima "Disk dumplings"

After the war, people raised from Manchuria repeatedly trial-and-error, Disk type "Fukushima dumpling" baked with a single pan

Name Fukushima dumplings

One gyoza averages about 20 g, 20 to 30 dishes and so on and so many are few, so the meat is reduced so that you can eat plenty, and the mainstream is a delicious taste with a lot of vegetables. There are also plenty of garlic.

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Fukushima Gyoza association

Gyoza Terai Fukushima Station East Exit Store Fukushima-shi Sakaicho 1-1 Fukushima Station East Exit premises MAP
Gyoza kan 7-15 Sakaicho Fukushima-shi MAP
Gyoza shop Yamame 5-23 Hayami-cho, Fukushima-shi MAP
Gyoza shop Kawashima 4-28 Norikemachi Fukushima City MAP
Chinese Bokuden Fukushima City Nikki-cho 4-27 Ohnoya 1104 Building MAP
Hanashibe Fukushima-shi Manzyo Town 1 - 26 2nd Floor MAP
Chinese cuisine Wang Fang 7 - 12 Shinmachi, Fukushima-shi MAP
Changing dumplings Koharu 2-6 Shinmachi, Fukushima-shi MAP
Ramen Ishikari Omachi Fukushima City 9 - 30 MAP
Takano 8-33 Kasumachi, Fukushima-shi MAP
Gyoza Terui Minamiyanome Fukushima-shi Minamiyanome Akariyashiki 53-3 Aeon Fukushima shop north side MAP
Ramen dumplings ogata Fukushima-shi Iizaka-cho Kotakiri 14 MAP
Gyoza Terui Main Store 1-21 Nishikicho Iizaka Fukushima-shi MAP
Yakiniku Disk dumpling Hitachi Fukushima-shi Iizaka Town Saba Lake Town 7 MAP

JR Fukushima station