Hot Spring Heaven with good-quality hot water

You can enjoy good-quality hot springs that prosper you from long ago.

Name Fukushima city's famous hot spring

In Fukushima city it has been prosperous since ancient times, the spring quality and efficacy are different and you can enjoy hot springs of Iizaka Onsen, Takayu Onsen and Soiyu Onsen as good quality hot water.

■ Takayu Hot Spring
Turn Opening is Keicho 12, everything related to "Yu" including the management method such as fountain quality including the management method such as plentiful hot water amount and spring quality remain at that time. Originally the people of Takayasu have been stuck with "source overflowing".

■ Iizaka Onsen
Quality is Bow ix ix spring or simple spring. It was known as Oshu Sanjiyu with Akiho and Naruko, and a haiku Matsuo Basho also traveled to this hot spring in 1689 (Genroku 2).

■ Tsuchiyu hot spring
Hot springs with a history of over 400 years have famous abundant hot springs and 13 types of spring quality that are rare in the country, famous for "the origin of the three Tohoku Kokeshi".

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Takayu hot spring Fukushima-shi Fukushima-shi Town Gosaka Yuhuzawa MAP
Iizaka hot spring Fukushima Prefecture Fukushima-shi Iizakamachi Yuzawa MAP
Tuchiyu hot spring Fukushima-shi Fukushima-shi Sootu Onsen Town character Kamono-cho 1 MAP

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