Funabashi Andersen Park


Park Name  Funabashi Andersen Park

There is a large number of flower beds are in the "Funabashi Andersen Park". In particular, the windmill is in the "Meruhen no oka zone" "seasonal flowers of the landscape" is very popular! Beautiful flowers can be enjoyed all year round. Also playing in nature, eating lunch on the lawn and, such as "Creation program in the Children's Museum of Art (Extra charge)" you can enjoy. During the summer playing in the water is also very popular! Or riding on the boat Tired play, adult, such as eating ice cream can also be a variety of ways to enjoy children, never get tired during the day. Why do not you come by all means once for sightseeing?

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Name Funabashi Andersen Park
Address Kanahorityou525, Kanehoricho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba, 274-0054, Japan
Open 9:30-16:00
Closed days Monday (Public holiday, spring, summer and winter vacation period opening of the park)
Entrance fee General:900 yen, High schooler:600 yen, Elementary school and junior high school students:200 yen, 4 years of age or older:100 yen