Yushimatenjin Ume matsuri

Yushimatenjin has been popular in the common people from the Edo era .
"Ume matsuri"is a popular event . the festival is held from February to March .

Yushimatenjin of plum in full glory in brilliant

Bunkyo flower of 5 plum festival of one of the large festival Yushimatenjin. About 300 pieces of plum compete bloom precincts around the white plum is visited by about 400,000 people during the period, and crowded with various events and offering entertainment.

From the Edo era, Yushimatenjin has been popular as the attractions of the plum. Precincts worshiping God-Sugawara public academic. Song poem Michizane public that was to be shed in Dazaifu of Kyushu and "Dongfeng (Dongfeng) No blown if smell Okoseyo of plum flower-Alge and in spring of forget Resona" is too famous. Bloom is mid-February - late every year. Also from the beginning of November, also will be held Chrysanthemum Festival. As is the best part of a variety of chrysanthemum Officer 2 thousand shares made painstakingly will be exhibited in the venue.

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Name Yushimatenjin Ume matsuri
Address 3-30-1, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, Japan
Open 8:00-19:30(free entrance)
Tel. 03-3836-0753(Yushimatenjin office)

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