Stunning views of the cherry forget the time to beauty

Having the tree that announces Tokyo’s cherry blossom season and famous spots for night blooming cherry trees such as Chidorigafuchi etc., Chiyoda ward is full of great places to see cherry blossoms.

Spot Name Yasukuni Shrine, Chidorigafuchi

Chiyoda ward’s official flower is the “cherry blossom”. Within the ward, there are numerous famous places where you can see these blossoms. Among other things, Chidorigafuchi’s night blossoms’view is so entrancing that you’ll forget the bustle of the city.


Name Chidorigafuchi
Address Chiyoda Kudanminami 2 -chome
Light up Sunset - PM 22:00(2015 years)
Boat AM 9:30 - PM 20:00(2015 years)
Remarks - There is no parking lot .
- Banquet is not possible.
- There is no shop or the like .
Best season Late March to early April

Yasukuni Shrine

Name Yasukuni Shrine
Address Chiyoda Kudankita 3-1-1
Light up Sunset - PM 22:00
Best season Late March to early April