Flowers that decorate the Sotokaifukaigan of Sado

Spot Name Sado "Onogame"

Around the early summer of Sado "Onogame", in full glory in one side "Tobishimakanzou" yellow. At about 50 million bottles of "Tobishimakanzou" is Japan's largest, gazebo and promenade also been established in the vicinity, you can explore the surroundings.
Tourist season of Sado will start from April, but this flower bloom in a is the second Sunday in June every year period of will be held "licorice Festival".
In addition, there is a Noh stage more than 30 in Sado city, in the autumn from April will be played by capacity as members of the local is dedication to God.
And the date and time of performance, whether the appreciation is a need to be confirmed in advance.

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Name Around of Sado "Onogame"
Location Negai, Sado-shi, Niigata, 952-3203, Japan