The taste of cheese and the sharpness of Daisugin match

Dairy farm village - Camembert cheese made with Nomura's raw milk and rich sake using Shikoku Karst mountain range water is an excellent piece playing Seiyo's romance.

1. Nomura's proud cheese is a white farm!

Located in the southwestern part of Ehime prefecture, Seiyo City is a treasure trove of something rich in nature and delicious.
Camembert cheese "Roman no Mori", born in Nomura district where dairy is popular, is handmade one by one by craftsmen who knew raw milk. It is a traditional recipe of French · Normandy region, characterized by a rich aroma and slightly stiff texture. The hardness gradually becomes softer as the maturing progresses. Depending on the season, ingredients and concentrations of raw milk change, aging progresses day by day, so you can fully enjoy the taste of cheese. Indeed, it is a masterpiece filled with romantic to cheese.
In "Nomura Nougyo Koen White Farm" you can also enjoy a variety of other dairy products, sweets and meals. There are areas of experiences and nature such as milk studio and lawn open space, so you can spend relaxing time.

■ White farm

2. One sake made from Shirokawa

Sake "Shirokawago Daiginjyo" which is fruity, rich in fragrance and crispness is born in the Shiokawa area. It is a drunk drink that has a delicate flavor and an unmistakable taste and uses spring water from the Shikoku Karst mountain range. A warehouse that cherishes polite sake making thinking that "I want to express the original flavor of Japanese sake as it seems delicious," Kuramoto / Nakashiro honke shuzo. Besides that, the soft taste and umami are deep "Ridge over the ridge" is a liquor compatible with the dishes that females can enjoy.

■ Nakashiro honke shuzo goumei gaisha
(To Ehime Prefecture Brewing Cooperative Association web site)

★ In addition, please see the attraction of Seiyo City on the tourist information site.

■ Tourist information website

1.White Farm

Name Nomura nougyo koen White firm
Address 16-383-1, Nomuracho Nomura, Seiyo-shi, Ehime, 797-1212, Japan

2.Nakashiro honke shuzo goumei gaisha

Name Nakashiro honke shuzo goumei gaisha
Address 1319, Shirokawacho Kagio, Seiyo-shi, Ehime, 797-1713, Japan