"Shibani" with a delicious taste and sake of the lawn!

Shiba is famous for Shiba-ebi (shrimps). “Shiba-ni” is a dish of fresh shrimps and small fish lightly simmered with soy source, etc. to enjoy the original flavor of the materials.

Restaurant Name Taika

"Shibani" is a fisherman's dish which seasons seafood mainly with sake and tastes a little with a small amount of fresh Roso uyu, Mirin or sugar and uses the ingredients themselves to boil it. Originally derived from Shibaura when the fish in Edo-Eki got up, it quickly boiled out fresh fish. Shiba's small shop shop Taihua knocks the grass shrimp, grinds and makes dumplings. The fragrance of bonito soup and the fragrance of shrimp overlap, rich flavor. It is a very good companion with the regional wine "Edokaijyo" of Tokyo harbor brewery Wakamatsu who revived for the first time in 100 years by the lawn in 2011.

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Add. 2-9-13 Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo Kuwata Building Ground floor
Open 11:30~13:30
TEL. 03-3453-6888
Closed Sunday
Wednesday and Sunday afternoon
Web http://www.taika-shiba.com/
Access http://www.taika-shiba.com/map.html

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Add. 4-7-35 Shibakoen Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 03-3432-1431
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