Duck cuisine campaign

Since Edo period, the home grown ducks have been treasured as gifts along with the eels of Teganuma pond. Experience the best combination of SAKE and the specialty duck dishes and/or soba noodles.

DATE 2016.10.1-2017.2.28

Various restaurants and shops includ-ing soba noodle shops, bakeries, Italian restaurants, and French restau-rants serve duck cuisine in Abiko city. “Duck cuisine campaign” is held up to Feb. 28, 2017. Join the eating tour during the campaign around ten shops which serve duck dishes.

【How to participate in campaign】
Let's eat the target duck dish at the store posted in the brochure! Give the shop a pamphlet and have them press the stamp! If three or more stamps are gathered, let's go to Abishilve! Apply for duck can! All participants will receive a participation prize exceptionally! In addition, special selection goods of Abiko city in Chiba prefecture will win by lottery.

【How to apply】
Only one prize can be selected for each pamphlet, but in case of stamping multiple mouths the probability of winning will rise. (Converted to 1 mouth for 3 pieces, 2 mouths for 6 pieces, 3 mouths with 9 pieces, 4 mouths in case of 10 pieces)
If you apply for multiple prizes please apply with another brochure.

【Reception period】
Friday, March 10, 2017 until 7 PM

【Lottery and winning announcement】
Wednesday, March 15, 2017
(I will substitute presentation with the shipping of premiums)

【Premium list】
◆ Furusato Prize (5)
Abiko's taste consolidation (Abiko coffee story, wine cake, momo Komachi, meat miso ginger with black pig, Kawamura College Women's University Tomato Jam, water melon in Teganuma)

Shirakaba Award (5)
Associated with white birch (Shirakaba school curry, Shirakaba literature museum strokes, novel "In Shirosaki" · "God of the kid")

◆ Arabic award (10)
Collecting goods (Unagichi Merchandise (Fragrance bag, Face towel, Notepad), Friendly pen set, A baby can badge)

◆ duck can award (10)
Assorted duck goods (duck mascot strap, duck pin badge, footprint hand towel, postcard postcards)

◆ Come again! Abiko Prize (10)
3 Tickets Common Tickets (Bird Museum, Sugimura Shuin Crown Memorial Hall, Shirakaba Literature Museum Admission Ticket) (Pair)

◆ Participation Awards
Limited duck! Unagi san can badge

【Target Store】

A:霧下そば割烹 ソバ玄(Buckwheat)

Domestic Japanese buckwheat ten-octave handmade shop. Duck meat is using Barbari seed raised in Aomori.
Abiko City Tsukushino 7-16-6
☎ 04(7182)5202
Duck juice Tsubasa 1,300 yen (tax included)
There is also a taste of Japanese duck roast and soybean paste.

B: Bistro · Van Danju (French)

Southern French cuisine and wine shop. You can enjoy authentic dishes with ease.
Abiko City Abiko 1-8-18 La Seine 2F
☎ 04(7185)5800
 (L.O. 14:00)
  18: 00-23: 00 on weekdays Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 17: 30 OPEN   (L.O. 21:30)
Tuesday · Third Wednesday
Roasted duck meat of Aomori Prefecture tree Saw strawberry sauce ¥2,100 (Tax included, by service charge)

C: Italian Restaurant Prezza (Italian)

A popular Italian restaurant locally. Boil a duck minced meat with white wine and offer pasta finished with cream sauce.
Abiko City Honcho 2-4-20
☎ 04(7100)1122
Meat cream pasta with ground meat ¥850(Tax not included)

D: Bunka Dor (Bakery)

A bakery that is striving to make products widely loved as generations as generations. The recommendation is bread made with homemade yeast.
Abiko City Honcho 1-3-3 BK Bldg 1F
☎ 04(7182)0830
Sunday · First Third Monday
Nakamo Sand ¥340 (tax included)

E: Bannuff (BAR)

Abiko for 15 years, a well-established BAR. Smoked duck loin smokes well with whiskey's dinner.
Abiko City Honcho 1-2-3
☎ 04(7186)2929
  Before the holiday
Smoked duck loin ¥600 (excluding tax)

A shop where you can have ten-octave hand-made soba. The standard duck dishes are complete. Besides ducks, a great lunch set is recommended.
Abiko City Honcho 2-5-8
☎ 04(7185)2365
Duck-roast duck, duck wicker, duck Yanagawa hotpot, etc.
1,100 - 1,700 yen (tax included) ※ The picture is duck-boiled

G:富桝旅館(Japanese food)
Ryokan on the shore of Lake Teganuma. Nearby there is Shiga Naoya Residence and Takii Takashi Temporary Temporary Ruins etc, and you can feel nature and history. After duck pot, please enjoy rice cooked with soup stock.
Abiko Shi Hotoshi 2-22-19
☎ 04(7182)2003
Reservation date and time, consultation required
Natural Blue Blue Duck Tankpot course 3,500 yen (tax not included, by service charge)

H:ふじ野(Japanese food)
Izakaya with a homely atmosphere. On the first floor you can relax even with families at Oshiki. Duck and leek best match to hook!
Abiko Shibasakidai 1-6-1
☎︎ 04(7184)6902
17:00〜23:00(food L.O.22:00)
Sunday (holiday is open as it is)
Kamo pie for one serving 1,200 yen (+tax)

I:古木庵 タニヤ(Buckwheat)
Authentic soba can be tasted in a relaxed space. We offer duck dish using domestic duck meat.
Abiko City Hubei-dai 1-16-3
☎ 04(7187)2639
Konami soba · duck cairo
Both 1,200 yen (tax included)

J: Brasserie Le Poirot (French)
French cuisine is available at reasonable prices. Charming inside the atmosphere is also attractive.
Abiko City Hubei-dai 1-13-18
Vegetable field 2F

☎ 04(7187)6766
Duck gullet tailoring 1,600 yen (tax included)

Abiko Information Center
☎ 04-7100-0014
Opening hours: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
(However, Friday and Saturday until 19:00)


Name Abiko Information Center
Add. 2-2-6 Honcho Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture
TEL. 04-7100-0014
Open 9:00〜18:30
(Friday and Saturday until 19:00)
Access 1 minute walk from JR Joban Line Abiko Station South Exit