Fisherman's cuisine
Sanma No Po-po-yaki

This local cuisine of Iwaki is derived from an old tale. When char-grilling freshly caught sauries on the fishing boat, the dropping fat made flames pou-pou.

NAME Sanma No Po-po-yaki

Iwaki's local cuisine, Paw Paw grill, is derived when fishermen cook on board, it is told that the saury's fat had fallen on the charcoal fire and Paw Paw and flames came out. After pouring the pears into 3 sheets, they are minced and added with ginger, onion and miso to make it oval and baked. It is best as an accompanying sake to eat as it is without baking as it is trying to lick. Besides, Mexicali which is established as a fish of Iwaki City is characterized by big eyes. Especially it is popular to eat fried food. There are 3 sake stores in Iwaki, among them "Iwaki 's sake? "The famous one that is named as the first to rise when it is heard is"Matabee". Luxury sake Daiginjo is fancy and smells high, Ginjo sake makes daiginjo dense, pure rice liquor is very easy to drink, sake has alcohol degree 20 degrees and it is acclaimed when taking it to other districts. Also, among others, the special net rice "Fukumi" has been awarded the Grand Prix at the nationwide sake contest in the past, so it is recommended. Recently Iwaki wine is famous.

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